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Founded in 1978, Hite Management Consultants and its subsidiary organizations meet the needs of clients as a multi-faceted management and consulting firm.

Adhering to a strict code of ethical conduct, Hite Management Consultants staff professionals have successfully completed hundreds of engagements, satisfying an impressive array of requirements, in virtually every sector of business and industry.

The purpose of this web site is to provide corporate- and candidate- prospects with an overview of the services we offer our clients. We hasten to point out that ours is not a shot-gun approach to one-stop-shopping. Rather, we apply our highly developed, finely tuned project management skills in addressing our client's needs.

As you browse the pages of this site, it is our intention that your visit will raise more questions. For your convenience, each page contains an email link. Please take a moment to jot down your question and send it on its way to the appropriate Hite staff member, who will reply promptly. Should you desire a detailed consultation, please do not hesitate to indicate that request in your remarks.

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